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TEJO: Truly a global team

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Esperanto enthusiasts often speak about their language being used around la tuta mondo the whole world. It can sometimes be hard to imagine it so. After all, the language is very European in appearance: you can probably understand "Esperanto estas bela lingvo" at first glance if you have a little bit of familiarity with any of the Romance languages. And if you don't, you can probably work out what is where if I say "la birdo estas en la nesto". At any rate, it's visibly much more European than it is, say, Asian or African.

Given that Europe is Esperanto's birthplace and its main area of activity, it's easy to think that the international Esperanto world might be dominated by Europeans. And that indeed has traditionally been the case, which is why the election of the committee for the Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo World Esperanto Youth Organisation in Badajoz, Spain today is particularly inspiring:


Yes, Europe is covered, of course. But so is North America (the USA), South America (Colombia), Asia (Vietnam) and Africa (Benin). And four of the nine committee members are female too.

A downside of having a global team is that it becomes harder for everyone to be physically present, although two thirds of the new team were in attendance in Badajoz:


Congratulations to the new committee members on their election to a truly global global team! 

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